Zoe Brooks – The Cellar

The Cellar

The moist dark of it:
the rush of bat wings
turning in my face,
the whining of mosquitoes
flooding the door.
The churn of it:
the shallow well
mud lined,
water and small pebbles
crazed by the pump.
The arch of it:
duck or knock-head granite,
the stone cobbles
slipped and bedded
in sand.
The wild of it:
the rust-toothed shrews,
farm cats on patrol,
and last the marten
peering with terrible eyes.
Zoe Brooks lives in Gloucestershire. She has been published in a wide range of magazines, most recently in Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Prole, Dreamcatcher, and Fenland Reed. Her long poem Fool’s Paradise received the EPIC award for best poetry ebook 2013. Her collection Owl Unbound is to be published by Indigo Dreams 2020.


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1 thought on “Zoe Brooks – The Cellar”

  1. I love the pungent quality of this poem which vividly evokes a dank place and the dramatic ending is a great way to finish!

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