Paul Waring – Swallowing Sunsets

Swallowing Sunsets

My cheap Zenith spooled ready; long waits

outdoors or at windows all part of the show –

sunsets take time to ripen, fire fruit softened

then swallowed; each slow motion arc around

Basildon Bond sky a balloon descent, circus

of citrus, multivitamin shades spilled layer

by layer. Blood orange, pomegranate, charred

lemon and fig spooned honey-thick down throat

of horizon; eyes widen click by click, tongue

overspent on adjectives until the stage clears –

interval before nightshow moon; up there

somewhere, face behind the curtain.


Paul Waring is a retired clinical psychologist who once designed menswear and sang in several Liverpool bands. His poems have been published in print journals, anthologies and webzines. He was runner-up in the 2019 Yaffle Prize and commended in the 2019 Welshpool Poetry Competition. His debut pamphlet ‘Quotidian’ is published by Yaffle Press.

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