Sheaf Poetry Festival 19th – 23rd November


Click here to view the full programme.

The festival has two loose themes that work alongside each other. The first of these is wellbeing and particularly mental health, which has been central to the project of Genevieve Carver, our poet-in-residence. Genevieve presents a workshop that focuses on meditation and creative writing, and a panel discussion on poetry and mental health with poet and mental health worker Ben Dorey and poets Sarah Wardle and Caroline Bird. Genevieve has also been working with Sheffield mental health charity Flourish, and once it’s safe to do so we’ll have in-person events resulting from this collaboration too. Poet Abi Palmer will also read from her poetry memoir Sanatorium, a book full of baths and mystical experiences, charting the imperfect narrative arc of chronic illness and healing.

Carrie Etter and Caleb Parkin will be addressing this in their workshop, which explores the found poetry of ecology and the queer poetry of climate. J. R. Carpenter’s workshop focuses on the ephemeral changes in weather and climate and how we might find the words to pin them to the page. All three poets will be also reading from their work during the festival, and our Carcanet Press reading features work shared by three poets whose work explores terrain, landscape, and creatures, among other things; Mina Gorji, Isabel Galleymore and Kei Miller.

There’s much, much more over at their site:


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