Bright with Ice by J.V. Birch in response to Helena Nelson’s prompt

Today’s response poem is from J.V. Birch inspired by Helena Nelson’s interview.

In Creativity in Lockdown with Helena Nelson she spoke of 2awe walks” :

” I heard a radio talk about ‘awe’ walks as a way of boosting the spirits, and realised I’d been doing them without knowing. On an ‘awe’ walk you deliberately look for one thing to marvel at, on a walk of any length. I usually photograph whatever it is. Sometimes it’s cloud formations. Sometimes weird fungi. Sometimes the colour of new grass. Or frost melting on a leaf. Snowberries on a bare twig. Today, swans on the ice. There are amazing things around you if you’re looking for them. What could be better for a person, and a poet, than an active sense of wonder?”

Bright with ice

A cold cap is tugged onto my head
chin strap tightened so the fit is as snug as it can be.
I try to smile, feel it pull.

Buttons pressed bring a creeping freeze
and a desperate scream I swallow.

The blood in my scalp slows.
I picture its tiny paths becoming bright with ice
like a wintered web.

A warm blanket is tucked around me
to still my uncontrollable shiver.

The fifteen minutes to acclimatise eventually pass
then everything blissfully
turns into nothing.

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