The Pathway by Andrea Holland in response to artwork by Sheena Clover

Today’s response poem is from Andrea Holland and is responding to Sheena Clover’s artwork, The Pathway. You can read the full interview HERE

“The other series I have been working on is about the paths which start from my door and which extend in all directions. Some paths are very clear cut, other weave and move responding to invisible obstacles and seasonal changes. This image is based on one of the paths I have discovered in my daily walks.”

The Pathway

The Pathway

It is the language of the determined foot; steps
as blue morse, invisible dot-dash in time with the trees.

The promise is you are getting somewhere, however
the jackdaws distract and the path twists and turns.

August scuffs and sieves the soil so the path opens up
like an exclamation mark through heat. The trees beyond,

reliably in leaf, offer a green like copper patina; scratchy
and loud. Nobody’s clouds lead the way, far off, slow

as translation. The path is the language of the foot, stepping
out there. There is a moment where we are held, however

far into the year, where we pause to be taken
by a sky that baby-blue.

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