Vixen by Jessica Whyte in response to artwork by Helen Ivory

Today’s poem from Jessica Whyte is in response to Helen Ivory’s art prompt. Read the full interview HERE.

“It’s one of my foxes and one of my poppets, needle-felted and out on their own. When I first put this on Facebook, there was a general agreement that it would make a good writing prompt.”


for Leonora Carrington

She rides towards us,
bushy-tailed, her russet mane
luminous, alive with sparks, as if she came
straight from her electroconvulsive bed,
her veins echoing with luminal.

What if, instead, she fled, escaped?
Slipped from the sanatorium,
to create alchemy in small brushstrokes,
a dawn horse tethered to her art.

As we share her space, her liberty,
hyenas suckle on our hands,
the rocking horse looses her bonds,
the tablecloth’s black head flutters like a moth,

we dine on golden light,
the owl distils its violin heart,
swallows germinate from stars.

Fleet of foot, with cunning brush,
she conjures worlds in vulpine hush.

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