Chiromancer by Louise Longson

Monday poem



Sometimes we wake early in the dark
together, knowing by instinct I have
dreamed I have swum too far away
from the certain shore of you. Turning
off the dark, the lamplight splashes
on my face. Holding my hand, you
trace the lines with your fingers, run
the tips across my palm, lingering
over the mounts and plains, down
to my wrists and those unexplained
stigmata crisscrossing the bracelets
of love. Significance is deep-carved,
lingering like the moon after sunrise.
Predict for me; that I will find love
at least once. You are my lifeline,
etched into the creases of my heart.




Louise Longson is published by One Hand Clapping, Fly on the Wall, Dreich, Obsessed with Pipework, Nymphs, The Ekphrastic Review and Reach, among others and is a winner of the Dreich chapbook competition 2021 with Hanging Fire. A qualified psychotherapist, she works with trauma and distress caused by chronic loneliness.

Twitter @LouisePoetical  

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