Wanderlust by Ben Banyard


There’s a table in a corner of the office
where we deposit the treats we bring back
from our travels; trips to the seaside,
summer holidays to Spain and Greece.
I remember when Max went to Vietnam,
brought back delicious peanut candy
which she said was handmade.
She’s been all over, India and Cambodia,
Thailand a few times, Australia,
lots more places I can’t even remember.
I spent seven years learning French
but have only been there twice.
There are places which interest me,
some American cities I’ve read about
or seen in movies which intrigued me.
I’d like to see Florence, Rome, Dubrovnik,
but if it never happens I won’t feel incomplete.
I loved seeing the sun set on Rhodes Old Town,
walking Charles Bridge in Prague at night,
being there in those moments, drinking it in,
but it’s the getting there I can’t be bothered with,
the packing and build-up, the airport fuss,
being cooped up in all those metal tubes,
hurtling mechanically somewhere,
being expected to do the sights.


Ben Banyard lives in Portishead, on the Severn Estuary. His third collection, Hi-Viz, will be published by Yaffle Press in 2021. Ben blogs at https://benbanyard.wordpress.com

1 thought on “Wanderlust by Ben Banyard”

  1. What a fantastic piece of poetry. Loved it, and the final four lines, they are the key. You have to travel through the poem to get to the point . . .

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