she wishes she could sing – Laura McKee


she wishes she could sing

and she parts her lips
only to remember
her soul can escape this way

opening each peg
enough to let it close
she sees the crow

and thinks to feed him
even though she has no need
for shiny things

he will press her
with what he unearths
carnelian thumb stone

pearl coloured heart
sometimes mistakes
golf balls for delicious eggs

she wants only to feel
the pinch of his beak
on her breast

and all along
the underside
of each outstretched arm

her song released
with each emergent dull ache



Laura McKee’s poems have appeared in various journals in print and online including The Rialto, Crannog, Molly Bloom, And Other Poems, and anthologised by The Emma Press and Smith|Doorstop. She was a winner in the Guernsey International Poetry Competition.

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