Mentoring: Mentoring by email. Comments and feedback on up to 8 poems. For full details please contact me at

Workshop Tutor: Abegail is available for face-to-face and Zoom workshops. Do email on the above address.

43 thoughts on “contact”

    1. My name is Michelle Sathish . I have completed my Law degree. As a hobby I enjoy writing poetry, I wanted to enquire whether you have a poetry blog where I could post my poems .
      Kind regards,

    2. Thanks. I was inspired by several posts on the subject of museums. I would like to submit mine, but your submit button is always closed.

      Simon Gates

  1. Hi Abegail. I have been helping our local history group to write a history book about Weald and I have referred to you and your poem, ‘Turkey Oak’, in the literary chapter because of your role as Poet In Residence at Riverhill. Would it be possible to contact you as we would love to have a photograph of you in the book? Many thanks.

  2. hello -impressive stuff abigail..just starting to promote myself again .and wondered which publishers are ‘poetically friendly !…writers and artists year book -have more ‘no poetry’ statements than ever ..quite culturally depressing….!!..first published 1977 ..headlined hastings poetry festival three times.. have 450 poems..that ought to go somewhere besides my office files.. done many schools over the years using the arts for promoting the conservation message etc.I am grass roots style ..associative to the masses without dumbing down.. with the widest range of subject matter from tottie tarts -to panspermia.. and coriolis..!!..would appreciate some advice being out of touch with current climate..kindest GDC

    1. Have a look through the magazine section. Try something there, but there are loads I haven’t listed that are worth a try. Have a look at the poetry library’s site. Bon chance!

  3. Hello Abigail, I would like to send in some poems for your consideration. When is your next submission window open? Thanks, kerry

  4. Hi Abigail,
    Do you consider prose poems? I’ve been getting into this form recently but I know not everyone wants them. Thanks for your good works! Jinny

  5. Hi Abegail,
    Wonderful poem by Angela Readman. Her work is so intriguing, I’m thoroughly enjoying The Book of Tides.

  6. Hello Abegail. Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this – Chrissie Gittins suggested you might be able to help with my question…. I’m in the process of re-launching my blog, and would like to include contemporary poems (with reflection on them) from time to time. And I don’t want to infringe copyright or fair usage. I’ve read a fair amount of advice on this, and it does seem that one should approach the writer to get permission…. but do I need to ask the publisher too? Any thoughts or leads gratefully received. Thank in advance and I love The Poetry Shed!

    1. All the poets on my site have either submitted or been invited. I do acknowledge the magazine/publisher if it has already been published but don’t ask the publisher as generally copyright is held by the poet. If I am wrong – anyone else can jump in this comment…

    1. You can contribute now if you have a memory poem via comments box on current post. The submissions window will open again mid-June. Thanks for being in touch.

  7. Hi Abegail – I’m a little confused as the dates in the Buzzword comp all seem to be 2015. Out of date? or me, a batty old woman???

  8. Hello! My name is Parvez Kumar. I am a teacher and a poet. I have got my poems published in Moscow, Russia. I would like to submit some of my poems here from that book if it is possible.

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