Crysse Morrison

Crysse Morrison: Featured Poet

Why I did it

Doctors examining a 36 stone woman found an asthma inhaler under her armpit, coins beneath her breasts, and a TV remote control in her thighs. – Newspaper report

I am woman mountain. I swallow storms
like butterflies. Bees swarm in my eyes.
Below my arms are forests where gaudy parrots flit
through shifting shadows, between my breasts
languorous lagoons where dragons fly. My sweat
drowns oil slicks. Turtles crawl between my toes.
In my womb the tribes of lost children safely sing
while wounded soldiers blunder through the valleys of my thighs.
When I smile grim rocks sweat honey.  When I shiver
the moon freezes. I munch the rolling years for fun.
I am woman mountain. I chew death like gum.

First published in Mslexia


Crysse Morrison also writes fiction and drama, and works with other writers on creative projects in various venues – mostly but not always in idyllic sunny places. Her poetry is mainly intended for performances but several of her pieces have also been published: she has won poetry slams and appeared at festival and theatre venues across the southwest and London, and in California. And her poem Onomatopoeia has clocked up nearly 7000 views on Youtube.

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