Emer Gillespie

Emer Gillespie: Featured Poet


Plant me underneath this tree
when you think I’m dead. Don’t
bury me standing, or flat in a box.
Instead, place me straight into the ground,
on my side. I want to become this tree,
feel it become me.

By then I’ll be tired of rushing,
it will do me good to lie still for a while,
wrap myself around the roots,
seep into the sap, enjoy the calm solidity
of its slow beating heart.
When my flesh has gone, fed the earth
I lie in, leaving only bones behind,
then I’ll take a branch line to the sun.


Emer Gillespie is an actress, novelist and award-winning scriptwriter.  She lives in London with her family and other animals.  Poetry is her passion but only very recently has she begun to send out her own work.  Last year she was one of the finalists at Live Canon.