Sally Douglas

Sally Douglas: Featured Poet

(For Oliver)

Time lies like stones under water
heavy pebbles
anchoring the days.

You lie on a rind of light
sleep and breathe on the curves of moon and arm,
in moments pared from silver coins.

Unclinging, you curl
into spaces broken from the air
and open your eyes –

your eyes the colour of slate
but clear as water
moving over heavy stones.


Sally was born in Cornwall in 1962. She read English and European Literature at Warwick University, and has a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing from the Open University. She lives in Devon. Her first collection, ‘Candling the Eggs‘ will be published by Cinnamon Press in February 2011.

Sally works in education, and runs poetry workshops for primary school children. She does most of her own writing in coffee shops, or at the dining room table in the middle of the night. She would do it in her study but she can’t get in there because there are too many books.