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Wednesday Writing Prompt

Wednesday Writing Prompt

Your fortnightly writing prompt.


On Monday Helena Nelson spoke of awe walks. “I heard a radio talk about ‘awe’ walks as a way of boosting the spirits, and realised I’d been doing them without knowing. On an ‘awe’ walk you deliberately look for one thing to marvel at, on a walk of any length. I usually photograph whatever it is. Sometimes it’s cloud formations. Sometimes weird fungi. Sometimes the colour of new grass. Or frost melting on a leaf. Snowberries on a bare twig.”

For today’s prompt I offer a photograph of a spider’s web. This is what you see on you “awe walk” whilst out on your own. Maybe you took the wrong path, got lost for a while, or quietly decided to creep away. There is a moment of doubt as to where to go next…


Poems or lines from poems can be shared in the comments. The submissions window for poems as part of the creativity in lockdown project opens later in the spring.