Anna Kisby, Chaucer Cameron and World Suicide Prevention Day

Long Distance

in memory of JC Renaud 1970-2014

Hungover, in winter,
we’re walking by the Hudson River,
New York thick with snow,

the pavements buried
on which Hassidim, Poles,
Mexicans, Sicilians, Finns go,

the Greenpoint diners closed
a waitress sang My Way,

refilling my good coffee,
putting me inside a movie),
my buckled boots soaked through

(a gift on your first city salary),
your salt eyes

(the night before, a party in a loft
apartment, there was even a poet
in a beret,

one single iron bed lost
in the vast room, Prospect Park
on view)

go by, there is no other way

A stranger digging out a car
holds up one hand, calls out

Far from days like those
I GoogleEarth London SW2
to you, fall

into Brooklyn, feel the ground
closing in. There the loft, the river.
There, the long-ago snow.

Anna Kisby
is an archivist and poet living in Devon. Her poetry has been placed in competitions and published in a variety of magazines and anthologies.

Frog on Water

I used to walk through woodland and wild garlic
watch leap of frog gold-green on water

touch earth to nose to hear the inside of the forest
crumple leaf against a vein that carries signs

of urban concrete. Blood and brick dust
chip away like grinding teeth of children

up-starting with night terrors, and in daylight
would daydream in crosshatch, shade not colour.

The used to walk which enters into all dreams
terrors of small children transferred across

a generation,
a loss of frog on water.

Chaucer Cameron
has poetry published in journals, anthologies and magazines, including The Interpreters House and Amaryllis. She co-edited The Museum of Light, a collaborative anthology of poems and images and Nothing in the Garden, a collection of poetry and still images taken from her thirty-minute poetry film There is Nothing in the Garden. Chaucer’s poetry films have been screened online and at various poetry and film festivals, including Liberated Words International Poetry Film Festival, The University of Gloucestershire, Bristol Spring Poetry Festival and Moving Poems. Chaucer also runs poetry film workshops. See more of her work at www.elephantsfootprint.com

Frog On Water by Chaucer Cameron, film by Helen Dewbery



Book of Sand


An alternating sequence of poetry and visual art, where poems inspire art and art inspires poetry. This pamphlet showcases the work of six poets and five artists and is designed, edited and published by Karen Dennison.

Poems by Emer Gillespie, Anna Kisby, Sharon Black, Valerie Morton, Abegail Morley and E.E. Nobbs. Artwork by Chris Ruston, Michaela Ridgway, Gwen Simpson, Sam Smith and Karen Dennison.

The pamphlet takes its name from, and begins with a poem written in response to, the short story The Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges. The poem was given to an artist to respond to with any form of visual art and that artwork was in turn given to a poet to respond to and so on, resulting in a sequential chain of responses. The chain is ongoing and so there will be at least one more edition – to find out more about being involved please contact Karen.

“A unique meeting of visionary poets and artists, who enter into a dialogue that at once informs and heightens their individual works. This small collection is a joy, and once again confirms that we need both the visual and the verbal to understand the world as a whole.” — Tamar Yoseloff

The Clearing

Why did I walk naked into the forest
that June morning? Did the sun sweep
its flashlight across my heart
to reveal a sudden herd of longings?

The petals of the flag iris tremble and arch
until they darken with moisture.
A mountain can be a vantage point,
a ledge.

In the patterns of a birch bark I thought I saw
the back of a wolf ’s head. Yes –
half-revealed by the dew
a wolf rising, rising towards the leaves.

Sharon Black

6 Gwen Simpson

Gwen Simpson – Through the Mist; Hand-cut coloured 70lb Canford card; 15cm x 10.7cm. Photographs of this book are in the Book of Sand along with illustrations and paintings from the other artists.

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