What’s on George Morehead’s doormat?

The Spyre

This is the most magical doormat
in the world,
when you see it
it cleans your eyes
so anyone that sees them
knows you are beautiful and good,
when you step on it
it kisses your feet
and sews iron
on the soles of your shoes,
each kiss is a genie of good intention
that will make only the best wishes come true
and the iron is a talisman
that will keep you safe whenever it gets dark.
You might not know it to look at
but yours is the most magical doormat in all the world.


George Morehead is the son of a nurse and a detective. His mothers name is Baba Yaga. If his family had a coat of arms its motto would be for the love of virtue. He would rather stay here, and write for you, then fly to never never where. If you’d like to get in touch you’ll find him at the Junkyard of Creation.