Marija Smits -Gibbous

Gibbous moon (with added pencil)


Gibbous moon, shape of my pre-menstrual belly,
all bloated flesh and tenderness;
fat swelling surrounded by stars.

Gibbous moon, unfathomable globe
like my post-menstrual belly;
rathe, expectant, not-quite fecund.

Gibbous — tender, fretful, pendulous phase.
Waxing, waning, I forget.


Marija Smits Marija Smits is the pen name of Dr Teika Bellamy, a mother-of-two, ex-scientist and editor whose art and writing has appeared in a variety of publications. When she’s not busy with her children or running the indie press, Mother’s Milk Books, she likes to draw, paint and, of course, write. She is continually delighted by the fact that Teika means ‘fairy tale story’ in Latvian. Her  website

Mother’s Milk Books






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