There will always be porridge by Jill Abram

There will always be porridge

like the bowls we had
on chilly mornings
around the kitchen table

before the rekindled fire had time
to warm the room,
a spoonful of golden syrup

melting into the oats.
We didn’t look at each other,
we didn’t talk. Just spoon

to mouth until the willow pattern
could tell its story again
and coats on, off to school.

Jill Abram is Director of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen, a collective which encourages craft, community and development. Publications include Magma, The Rialto, Under The Radar, Tears in the Fence and And Other Poems. She performs regularly in London and occasionally beyond, including Ledbury Poetry Festival, Paris and USA. Jill created and curates the Stablemates reading series – each event features conversation and poetry with three poets from one press. jillabram.co.uk

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