Creativity in Lockdown – A Film Poem by Helen Dewberry

TheUnmappedWomanCoverWEBBack in April 2020, in the first lockdown, my collection, The Unmapped Woman was launched by Nine Arches Press on Zoom with great support from the fab poets Katie Griffith and Robert Peake. I didn’t know at the time that Jane Commane was in conversation with Helen Dewberry about a variety of film poems including one for a poem of mine. Helen is an Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society and has worked with a variety of poets on film poems which have screened at festivals. You can find a number of them at Elephant’s Footprint Film Verse. I have my favourites, but dip in and see what appeals to you.


It was later in the year that Helen and I had a chat on Zoom to discuss which poem had all those visual qualities just crying out to be shown in another medium. It was interesting that both Helen and Jane had selected Neap Tide as one of their favourites and it is one, which when Helen ask me questions about, I realised, as I unpicked the poem line by line, I had a very clear image of place and people without having made that conscious decision when writing it. I am hoping to catch up with Helen later for an interview, so will keep details of the process for that post, but working with her on this collaboration renewed my interest in my work during what had felt like a very fallow furlough.

Over the next couple of months poets, editors and artists will be discussing their creativity during these lockdown periods in order to support and inspire those other visitors to The Shed. I hope you will join us as they discuss creativity in lockdown.

6 thoughts on “Creativity in Lockdown – A Film Poem by Helen Dewberry”

  1. So far I’ve looked/listened to what Helen has made with Abegail’s and Jess’s. It’s exciting to see how the territory of poems can expand. Thanks for the link to Elephant’s Footprint!

  2. Beautifully poised and profound: verse, voice, images, music and that lapping sea. It moved me deeply. Thank you.

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