An interview with Ronnie Goodyer on Indigo Dreams Publishing and the Saboteur Awards


Chatting to Ronnie Goodyer about IDP and Saboteur Awards wins…

This year you won two categories in the Saboteur Awards – no mean feat. Can you tell me what it means to you to have been voted Most Innovative Publisher?

It was the second time we’d been honoured with this, the first time was in 2017 and it felt just as wonderful. It’s been a difficult time for us all and the indie publishing industry was no exception. Bookshops closed, printers and others with less staff/longer turnaround etc To not only survive this but emerge strongly and with sufficient people thinking we were worthy of their vote just made our hearts sing. We are acutely aware that these awards are mostly down to the energy and enthusiasm of our Indigo community: our Indigo Dreamers must have supported us in droves! We shepherd a team of fantastic poets and it highlights them too, which is terrific and deserved.


What exciting things do you have planned for next year and has this year’s win enticed you down the road less travelled to explore new ventures?

We’ll actually be publishing fewer books than recent years. The pandemic has taught us all to evaluate time, and we will be working on poetry projects that we commission or request, continue as normal with our 3 magazines, and our own writing. Indigo have just published an innovative anthology, Dear Dylan, which not only contained ‘poems after’ Dylan but ‘letters to’ him. What would today’s poets like to say to him? We have a few more ‘different’ ideas along these lines and will also be publishing the second anthology with League Against Cruel Sports (Ronnie is poet-in-residence). We published the first in their near 100 year history.


Your second win was for the collaborative work, Forest more or less which Elton John described as  “a great way to start the weekend”. How did Elton John get to read it(!)

Ah, Sir Elton! Ronnie used to run his own Celebrity Management/Publishing company and often sends books off when he feels people would like them. He has his private address and we sent a copy to him and his partner. He sent a hand-written letter back with extremely kind and personal comments.

And you contribute to the League when a member buys a copy?

 Yes, the League generously mentioned the book on social media and we reciprocated by donating when orders received by members. We’re strong believers in animal rights and welcomed the opportunity to help.

Head over to their site HERE

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