Margaret Holbrook #quirkychristmas

The Nearer To Christmas

I’ve melted the chocolate –
I’m going to make mice,
some will be brown
and some will be white.
It’s poured in the moulds
and I’ll wait while it sets.
The nearer to Christmas
the better it gets!
The puddings are made –
one is never enough
of the curranty, sugary, treacly stuff.
The cake waits for icing
in its marzipan vest –
all golden and yellow
with a piece left to ‘test’.
It’ll get its top coat
and a stunning design
when I’ve had a think
and some more sherry wine!
In the oven the mince pies
turn a goldeny brown
and sweet, sugar syrup runs
across pastry crowns.
Then the rum truffles,
they’re next on my list,
all chocolate and cake,
dash of rum and then mix.
Coat them in chocolate
and leave them to set.
The nearer to Christmas
the better it gets!

Margaret Holbrook’s poems and short stories have been published several anthologies, and her poetry has been published in journals including:
Sentinel Literary Quarterly,The Dawntreader, Orbis, The SHOp, The Journal, Sarasvati, Areopagus, Reflections, The Caterpillar.

1 thought on “Margaret Holbrook #quirkychristmas”

  1. Love how this rollicks along with the rhyme scheme. Love the marzipan vest 🙂 Now I’m hungry… must go get a slice of the wonderful fruit & nut filled white christmas cake that my sister gave us…

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