Sarah Miles #quirkychristmas

Holiday Inn

Christmas is a felicitous time to indulge
and Andy from Accounts, did just that

on Friday night at the office Christmas party.
He freed the bar and knocked back canapés,

feasting fingers grabbing at anything
and everything, including my arse;

two round fruity puddings in Spandex
searching for a flame to set them on fire.

He caught me coming out of the ladies,
slurring me into a corner until I was harpooned

onto a fire extinguisher; red and flame-resistant.
Suggesting we make a night of it, I thanked God

there was no room at the Inn.

Sarah Miles writes poetry and flash fiction. She has been published by Prole, The Emma Press and various websites; had a poem featured as a poster at the Canterbury Wise Words Festival (2014) and has won a national writing competition. She lives in Sussex and runs Paper Swans Press.

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