Happy Birthday Poet Tips


Today we say a very happy first birthday to Poet Tips and its creator Robert Peake. If you don’t know Poet Tips here are a few facts…

It is a website for recommending poets and making links … “The goal is to help you find a new favourite poet to read, much like a trusted and knowledgeable friend.”

The story goes that one morning in the shower (we have to cover our eyes here) Robert had the idea that if he pools “the recommendations of real people about which poets (rather than poems) are similar to each other, I might be able … to help people find their next favourite poet using technology.”

How does it work?



So now you know what it’s a bit like… wish it a happy birthday with many returns and head over there now:


One last word from Robert… “It’s been a fun experiment, and thanks to some viral traffic last year we’re now set to break the 6,000 poet mark with nearly 60,000 tips in the system. Nearly a year in, we’re still getting about 2,000 visitors per month as well. My ultimate hope, of course, is that it’s helping people find new poets to read.”


Robert Peake isan American-born poet living near London.

He created the TRANSATLANTIC Poetry series and Poet Tips .

His newest collection is The Knowledge

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