Craig Dobson – To the Sea

To the Sea

Shadows in the stone wall down a steep field’s edge.
Weak sun thawing mud and the dun husks of grass.
Wind-cornered frost beneath gorse flower blaze,
gull cry threading us to the white-lipped waves
we walk towards this winter morning,
angry at each other once more.

Following the stream, we cross and re-cross,
taking our sorrow to the shore,
ushering its clarity over rocks
and mosses, past weed beds and willows
till it spills among the wind-brawled sand
in threads we shadow, silver-gold, our words
lit-spray to pearls that hang a moment
in sun-washed distance and the barely begun day.


Craig lives and works in the UK. He’s written poetry, plays, short fiction and a novella. He’s had poetry and short fiction published in Agenda, The Interpreter’s House, The Frogmore Papers, The London Magazine, Poetry Ireland Review, New Welsh Review, The Rialto, North, Magma, Stand and Poetry Salzburg Review among others. He’s got work forthcoming The Dark Horse and THINK. He’s working on his first collection of poetry.

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