Martin Figura

Martin Figura: Featured Poet

Photo: Sam Christmas

Norwich, Midnight


Sensing somehow earthquake or fire
creatures scurry through Mousehold Heath.
The moon snags on the cathedral’s spire
as we walk home down Magdalen Street;

through the inner ring road underpass
the piss-yellow glow of the Oxfam shop,
in whose doorway we stop and kiss
kebabs in hand, with greasy chops.

Anglia Square has never looked so beautiful
littered as she is with burger boxes.
Praise the Lord and the City Council
down from the Heath come the urban foxes.


Martin Figura lives in Norwich with the poet Helen Ivory.  His work ranges from the bitingly funny of his Boring The Arse off Young People to the dark subject matter of his Ted Hughes Award shortlisted collection and one-man-show Whistle.   He won the 2010 Hamish Canham Prize and has performed from New York to Cromer and is an Apples & Snakes Associated Artist.   His photography’s been widely published and exhibited, including at the National Portrait Gallery.  He runs the Café Writers live literature series in Norwich and is a founder member of Norwich Poetry Club.

2 thoughts on “Martin Figura: Featured Poet”

  1. Well…this poem makes me feel good: even though it contains a dire warning.

    It feels to me that is has everything that a nature poem is meant to be.

    Thanks, Martin. And Abi.


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